„Obama and Ledgett know Snowden targeted the NSA’s super secrets, the so-called Level 3 documents. To protect itself from penetrations, the NSA stratifies data in tiers, depending on sensitivity. Level 1 is mainly administrative material. Level 2 contains data from which the secret sources and methods have been removed, so that data can be shared and analyzed. Level 3 documents cannot be shared outside a small group of authorized individuals because they disclose the secret sources and methods through which the NSA surreptitiously obtained that information, including lists of sources in China, Russia, Iran and other adversary countries. This information could invalidate America’s entire intelligence enterprise if it were placed in the hands of an adversary. That’s why most Level 3 data is not handled by independent contractors. One NSA contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton, was the oldest and most trusted of these firms, did have a contract to work on this Level 3 data in Hawaii, and that’s why in March 2013, Snowden sought a job there, at a cut in salary. Steven Bay, the manager at Booz Allen who hired and supervised Snowden, said after the theft that Snowden took this job to, “get access to lists of machines all over the world the NSA had hacked.” Snowden admitted this in an interview with The South China Morning Post while he was in Hong Kong.“

Artikel Nummer 2 von Epstein zu Snowden. Jedes bisschen Aussage muss man gegenchecken.

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